Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Netherlands Bank of South Africa

This first envelope contains a history lesson.

The original bank was formed in Amsterdam in 1888, with a suitably Dutch name, Nederlandsche Bank end Credietvereeniging. A branch opened in Pretoria later that same year, according to the Nedbank website. Other offices opened around the country, and it changed its name to the Nederlandsche Bank voor Zuid-Afrika in 1903. It became the Netherlands Band of South Africa in 1951, changing its name to Nedbank Limited in 1971.

I somehow doubt Dr Joan is still around in PE. She's not in the phone book.

J S Davidson, the chemist, is no longer in the book.

What of Harris & Damerell? There is only an L G Harris, paintbrush manufacturers.

PE Plating also seems to have gone belly-up.

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