Thursday, May 19, 2011


Continuing my series of envelopes from the 1960s, here is one - again sent to the City Treasurer, Port Elizabeth - from a Mobilgas service station, complete with line drawing. You see, there is some link to my "in line" theme here. I know Mobil oil is still around, but what of the garages? There are none in the phone book.

Click on the envelope to get a good look at the graphic.

It was a far smaller place back then. With giant supermarkets today, such small poultry and meat outlets battle to compete, though specialist butcheries continue to flourish.

PE's UK links abound in its place names, but I can't find this dairy in the phone book. Tasteful little ad though. Note it went to the City Treasure, without the "r".

Phew! Banks, building societies, insurance companies have changed name and ownership so often over the past 50 years. I remember a Southern Life well, but there are no "Southern" anything financial left in the phone book.

Just for good measure, another NG Kerk envelope, this time with the logo in colour. There is a nice symmetry about this envelope.

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