Monday, May 16, 2011

Massey Ferguson

This little collection of envelopes from the early 1960s - see explanation on the right - kicks off with an envelope received by the City Treasurer from the famous Massey Ferguson group.

Again, a lot of trouble went into printing these envelopes, including the claim that Ferguson is the "world's most copied tractor", which doesn't say much for intellectual property rights back then.

The back of the envelope reveals it was in fact from a Durban company, Tractor & Farm Tools, though this has been crossed out.

This seems to have been a better place to place your "mini-ad" - top left on the envelope.

Not surprisingly, this company is no longer in the PE phone book either.

What of Graham Packer? Nope.

And Despatch Furnishers? Gone.

Also history, of course, is the Divisional Council of Albany which, for some reason, paid the PE Municipality some money.

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