Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pudney, Maybaker, Hirst and Gingell

No overly exciting artwork on the fronts of these envelopes, but some interesting names from the Port Elizabeth of 1961.

I had somehow associated the name Pudney with either real estate or law, but a look in the phone book reveals that A J Pudney & Co still exists - as both an ostrich feather pruducts business in North End and as an export marketing business in Walmer.

I have been around long enough to know that the name Maybaker was something pretty big in business, possibly engineering. Let's have a look. Well they are no longer listed in the PE phone book, but who are they? Well for once Google have let me down as a search yielded no informative results.

One of numerous firms using the bay's historic name, Algoa. Does Algoa Furnishers still exist? Nope. Nothing in the phone book.

There is no Gingell, Ayliff & Co in the phone book either, only an attorney called A A Gingell.

Finally, F Hirst & Co. I grew up in Bonza Bay, East London, with a family headed by Johnny Hirst, down the road. Not a common name, there is only an N W Hirst in the phone book.

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