Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tombstone blues

Here are four very different enterprises, some of which have no doubt ceased operating since mailing their accounts to the Port Elizabeth city treasurer in 1961.

Don't you dig this envelope art? They didn't even leave space for the stamp. Anyway, the firm seems to have met its maker, although there are still two Pennachinis listed in the phone book.

This was mailed from Durban, I see, with Union Liquid Air getting a fair bit of advertising on their envelope. I wonder how many people actually saw these little ads.

I needed a magifying glass to read what this was all about. Well it reads, "Nursing Services of South Africa" around the image of a nurse on a map of SA, divided into day and night (no doubt signifying around-the-clock service). "A nurse for every emergency" is offered, but it would be interesting to know if this was a private company. Well, Google has come up trumps here. Though it is no longer listed in PE, there is a website by that very name, with the firm claiming to be "the leading nurse and home care agency". Their address is in Bellville.

Now here is a logo that has been around a while. The Automobile Association's logo, naturally, looked like it does on the envelope when I was a kid, but today it is far simpler - just two As inside a pentagon. The company was formed in a restaurant in London in 1905, and opened in SA in 1930.

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