Monday, May 16, 2011

Things go better with

An iconic image, if ever there was one. I see Coca-Cola now has two separate listings in PE - Coca-Cola Fortune and Coca-Cola Sabco. While cans and other new packing have come and gone, it's good to know the old Coke bottle has remained virtually unchanged.

Here's another company that has folded. I wonder what line of business they were in?

Now this one should still be around in some or other guise. Well, I see there is still an Eastern Province Livestock in Markman Township, though it has no PO Box number.

Here was a cheaper way of putting your name on the envelope. Chemist R F Henman of Walmer Road seemed to have his name printed on cellotape, in English and Afrikaans. The tape has since yellowed, but it probably looked far better when it was transparent. There's only one Henman in the book, and this ain't him.

No company involved here, but I liked this envelope for the flourish with which it was addressed.

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