Thursday, May 19, 2011


I titled this after a long-established PE bakery, but chose to kick off with an envelope with a rather colourful logo.

The built environment of PE is under threat. Here, the 1923 Campanile is featured on a logo. And, as with so many small firms, Autorite no longer exists, according to the phone book. To read a satirical novel I have written about a future anti-colonial crusade in SA, google Azanian Apocalypse.

Do they still use these old window envelopes? This time Brito's Bakeries was probably sending a cheque, not an invoice. The firm is still listed, now in Haupt Street, Sidwell.

I remember this firm well from my youth in East London. It is still here in PE too - in Paterson Rd, North End.

Given our regular droughts, it is no wonder PE Nurseries has apparently folded. It's not in the phone book.

And, nice though the name was, Essex Engineering is also a thing of the past.

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